About Us

You’re probably here because you’re trying to figure out why you should buy an item from us.........

The thing is, you are doing this adulting thing so much and it’s draining…Ughh! in addition to that, you are such a hard case to crack and a stubborn head (lol, that’s what everyone says right?).

The truth? you are your own kind of person, you don’t follow the norm and people don’t really understand why.

We get you (yep, we have a bunch of your kind on the team!), and it’s totally fine for you to be you, It’s totally fine to be tired from all the hustle and bustle, but you’ve absolutely got to look good doing it.

So, here’s the deal………LET’S HELP YOU LOOK THE PART!

About The Designer.

Hey you!

I’m Dena and it’s soooo good to have you here! I started out this business to make unique accessories but I’ve grown to understand that it’s the person who wears the accessory that makes it unique!

So now, all we want to do is make beautiful pieces with the best materials, utmost attention and have them delivered to you in the most amazing packaging, so that we can let you do the magic of making them special!

Please tag us when you wear them on Instagram @the.blacksheep.company or if you’ll like to chit chat, you can whatsapp us on +234 902 705 0197.

We’ll really love to hear your feedback on how you made your piece your own special and unique.

Btw….don’t forget to checkout from your store bag and make payment as well!



Why we best?

WE are the fashion accessories line you want making all your wardrobe completers! We make unique minimal wearable art for people adulting.

WE understand your struggles.

WE therefore always create items that serve the purpose of reminding you that you’re never alone in your everyday walk through life with a community of people ike you, wearing the same affirming accessories you wear, going through similar challenges like you and continually rooting for you! Baby you’re a STAR!

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