Exaggerated Coin Necklace


 Material: 18k Stainless Steel

size of coin: 30mm

If you’ll like to customize more than one side of the bar, please state exactly what the seperate customizations are, for example:

Front: “blessed” —-  Left: “Ada” ——  Right: “12.09.21” —– Back: “❤️ 

If you do not state which customization on which face of the bar, we will decide for you 

Please type your words exactly as you want to see it and note that we do not convert languages or Roman Numerals and are not responsible for it. 

Your piece is Tarnish Resistant, Stainless Steel and Safe for people with allergies, however, we usually advice to minimize contact with water and keep away from perfumes.

As they are hand engraved, some of the words may be slightly misaligned or off center.

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 Material: 18k Stainless Steel

Length: 21 inches 






number of sides customized

0, 1, 2


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