How To Measure Out Your Bracelet Size At Home

How To Measure Out Your Bracelet Size At Home

Have you ever bought a bracelet and it just didn’t fit. The seller didn’t realize you were chubby, or just didn’t know you were petite. Now you have a bracelet you love but cannot wear.

A simple trick is to know your wrist size, if you wanted to make a dress, your designer would get all your measurements to make sure your dress is perfection!

That is exactly what we try to achieve when we insist on getting your wrist size.

Now on to the deal, getting your wrist size is a simple task, you can use a measuring tape to get your comfortable length or wrap a strip of paper around your wrist to a comfortable point and measure out the length of the strip on a ruler.

Whatever the result of your measurement, you can now add half an inch (½ inch) to it to get a comfortable bracelet size.

Please note that all our bracelets are currently being made at a standard 7 inches length, if you’ll like it smaller or larger, based on your actual wrist size, please reach out to our support staff on social media or send a mail to

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