How To Measure Out Your Ring size at Home

How To Measure Out Your Ring size at Home

This is about the most frequently asked question we get and your fears are honestly legit.

You have had so many bad experiences especially from online vendors; mis-fit, under-fit or just too damn large is the usual flow. What if I told you, it’s not entirely their fault? Yeah, a huge part of it is, but most of the time the charts they use are not original to them, may have been borrowed online or conjured from somewhere.

What makes the difference for us?

We created our sizing chart based on the exact tools we use, so our size chart is mandrel-specific. This means that the exact length of wire required to make your size 6 ring is the exact stretch on our mandrel. We hardly ever get errors and it is because of this.

How to Measure out your ring size:

It is simple, you will need:

  • A Strip of paper or a stretch of rope
  • A basic math ruler


  • A measuring tape

Wrap the strip of paper round the finger you intend to measure, mark the point where the ends meet comfortably on your finger and measure out the marked length on a ruler in centimeters or inches.

Alternatively, while using a measuring tape, you can simply wrap the tape around the finger you want to measure and take note of the comfortable length in centimeters or inches.

After measurement, please refer to our size chart below:

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