How To Clean Your Jewelry (Including Rings) Easily.

How To Clean Your Jewelry (Including Rings) Easily.

You have just spent a good amount of money investing in quality jewelry, now you’re wondering how to go about cleaning them. We’ve got you covered!

Let’s start by establishing that the best time to clean your jewelry is not when the damage has been done, with tarnish all over. Slow and steady wins the race with jewelry laundry. This means that for best results, your cleaning habit should start from the very first time you wear a piece.

What really causes deterioration in jewelry?

Sweat, moisture, dust, natural skin oils. A mixture of any of these or even one alone can do damage and break down the components of the metal that make up your jewelry.

The sanest thing to do which we always advice is to wipe with a soft dry micro fiber cloth after every usage, this removes any of the conducive conditions for tarnishing and prolongs the lifespan.

Proper Jewelry Cleaning

Asides wiping after every usage, we would suggest you take out some time weekly, maybe on weekends to do this:

  • Get a small bowl of lukewarm water, put in a little dish washing soap or hand wash (essentially something mild)
  • Dip a soft microfiber cloth into the solution
  • Gently use the wet area to rub on the surface and corners of your jewelry. This makes sure that whatever remaining residue of oil, dirt, sweat or other moisture is rubbed  off, leaving you with a clean, fresh looking piece of jewelry.

N.B: It usually takes a while to make this a habit, so do make a mental note of it. You can even set an alarm tagged JEWELRY LAUNDRY!

Happy Jewelry Laundry!

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